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Our Kohala Deluxe Tenor just got a great, positive and thorough review from popular Youtube ukulele channel MK Guitar 'n Uke.
Our friend Kate Stevens has a new ukulele play along video this week and it's got some serious summer night vibes.  Grab your uke and play along with her.  You'll never sound so good!
Today we launch a new weekly series of ukulele play along videos featuring me, the founder of Honolua Ukuleles, and some special guests.  Grab your uke and play along with the songs we have stuck in our heads this week.
Throught our partnership with Sezzle, you can now purchase your ukulele with 0% interest financing.
Get advice on how to pick the right ukulele model for you.  We explore our core ukulele models and the differences between them.
If you are learning ukulele, these are our favourite paid and free resources online.  We have compiled a list of the best places online to learn to play ukulele.
We have compiled a list of the most important accessories you will want for your ukulele.  Explore our favourite popular ukulele accessories including ukulele cases, ukulele straps, tuners, ukulele picks and more!
Explore the different tonewoods used on Honolua Ukuleles' core models, including sapele, mahogany, and acacia.  Learn about the tonal properties and physical characteristics of each ukulele tonewood.
The first step in choosing a ukulele is to determine the right size.  We explain the differences between the most popular ukulele shapes including soprano, concert, tenor and baritone.